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The Odiya Samaja (OdiSA) is an organization of well wishers of Orissa. The society is a non-ethnic, secular and non-political forum. Friendship is the motto of the society. The objective of the society is to promote a friendly and respectful environment for its members. The society will actively promote the heritage, culture, language (Odiya), awareness and pride of the state of Orissa. The society will conduct its business in all fairness and abide by the laws of the country. The society will provide leadership opportunities to its members and help younger to understand, absorb and promote the pride of their heritage. Both Oriya and English will be the official language of the society. The society will work with the people of the state of Orissa in developing fellowship and providing a helping hand as and when needed. The members of the society vow to safeguard the ethics and values of the society and set a standard for excellence at all times.

The objectives of the society shall be:

  1. To extend a warm welcome to one and all who are well wishers of Orissa and Oriya, as members of the society.
  2. To be a socio-cultural, educational, non-profit, secular, and non-political organization.
  3. To foster friendship and mutual respect amongst fellow members in a democratic environment.
  4. To retain, promote, and sustain Oriya culture, Oriya language, and instill the Oriya self-esteem in ones place of residency.
  5. To help its members in developing leadership qualities in an amicable and sociable way where friendly competition is valued rather than selfish interests.
  6. To reach out to one and all Odiyas in ones community for friendship and most importantly at their time of need.
  7. To extend our support to the upliftment of Orissa and facilitate strong ties with its developmental activities.

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