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  1. There will be no election for any office in OdiSA.
  2. OdiSA will have one Advisor who will be chosen by all its members during the annual convention. The functions of the advisor will be to advise the committees on their conduct and operations when they seek. Will work as a resolver of conflict of a committee when presented with one. Will preside over the annual convention and nominate his/her successor from the general pool. Will have no signatory authority on any of the committee affairs. Will serve as the representative of the society in all its conducts and business. Will have a final word in the case of conflict between committees.
  3. There will be the following committees with a coordinator and a co-coordinator officiating the daily conduct and business.

    (a) Membership committee
    (b) Social committee
    (c) Program committee
    (d) Finance committee
    (e) Literary committee
    (f) <to be added>
  4. Each coordinator will lead the committee affairs with support from the co-coordinator for a period of one year. At the end of the year, the co-coordinator will automatically replace the coordinator and will choose a co-coordinator from the general pool. Each new co-coordinator appointment will need approval from two independent committee coordinators of the day.
  5. Members may work with one particular committee or they may be associated with more than one. Each committee will be supported by at least 5 members. One of the members will be the immediate past coordinator (at least for a year).
  6. The committee will decide their business plans by a majority consensus and would use electronic media for their discussions. In case of a conflict, the coordinator will approach the Advisor whose decision will be the final after careful considerations.
  7. Membership committee will be responsible for member convenience. They will welcome new members, prepare membership profiles, update membership information, contact members when needed and work as a motivator for the society.
  8. Social committee will be responsible for organizing social events within communities. Reach out to remote members and facilitate their attendance in various functions. Develop specific projects to team members for execution. The projects could include working with other organizations and reaching out to Orissa.
  9. Program committee will be responsible for the planning. One major planning would be an annual convention. The committee will decide on the venue and seek local cooperation from its members to organize the convention. Any cultural program will be organized by the committee.
  10. Finance committee will be responsible for all financial planning, budgeting, and filing tax returns. Any financial transactions will be made with the signatures of both the coordinator and the co-coordinator. A joint account will be maintained by both in a bank of their convenience.
  11. Literary committee will be responsible for the annual Journal of the society and maintenance and updating of the society's website. This committee will promote literary activities within the community, be responsible for timely information dissemination, and develop educational projects in North America and Orissa.


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