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  1. Our organization, OdiSA will be treated as one family.
  2. We will welcome new members without requiring them to pay any dues for one year. This way, they have a chance to decide whether they would want to continue as a member or withdraw from the society. They will enjoy all previlages of the family.
  3. We shall ensure that any newcomer to USA or Canada will be provided a friendly support and guidance within a community by one or more of our members until they are comfortably settled. This might require spending some time on our part. This support will not be extended with any intention or motive to attract the person/family into the organization. The support will be extended selflessly. We need to commit on this one.
  4. Membership dues will be decided by general consensus. A member will not be forced or required to pay any dues if (s)he does not chose to. (S)he shall always be welcome to participate in any activities of the society.
  5. Friendship, support and mutual respect will be our basis of membership.
  6. Life Members of OdiSA may choose to leave the society if they decide that the society's philosophy is no longer conducive to them. In such an instance, they will be reimbursed their seed membership dues of $200.00 minus 10%.
  7. Disciplinary actions, discussed in the Bye-Laws, will be administered by the Advisor against any member of the society with sufficient proof of misconduct or misappropriation of funds which causes significant impact on the society's normal functioning or philosophy. Violation of constitutional guidelines or being unfriendly with fellow members without a valid reason will be treated as misconduct. If disciplinary action is taken, the membership dues paid by the member will not be reimbursed.

Membership Categories

    OdiSA will entertain free membership for new members for a year. No obligations whatsoever. Friendship cannot be measured in terms of money.

    Life Membership is the only category of membership in OdiSA:

    There will be 3 different modes of payment for a Life Member of OdiSA:

    1. A one time payment of : $200.00
    2. 4 equal installments of $55.00 paid once every six month.
    3. 24 equal installments of $10.00 paid once monthly.

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